How dry ice cleaning can save your restoration project!

A stained concrete patio restored with dry ice cleaning.

How dry ice cleaning can save your restoration project!

When renovating older places there are a number of factors to consider: structural work required, long overdue electric and plumbing overhauls, maintenance and painting, checking for asbestos… It’s no easy feat to restore a yesteryear space. The benefit of putting in all the hard work, though, is the beautiful result you get at the end of all of it. A restored piece of history is priceless. With that, you don’t want to have poured your wallet and your heart into a project like this without ensuring you’ve maintained the historical features in the most careful, gentle, effective and considered ways possible. Dry ice cleaning is the solution to cleaning away continents on intricately detailed walls, ceilings and floors (plus any other surface) that have seen better days.

What is dry ice cleaning?

Our dry ice cleaning in Newcastle is a carbon dioxide cleaning method, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. It works like a pressure hose, but instead of water alone being accelerated by compressed air, it’s dry ice. Water alone isn’t very effective on delicate surfaces, particularly for removing unwanted coatings such as interior paint problems and varnish, debris and any other contaminants. Water can also create mould problems, as well as damage electricals, cables and equipment.

Dry ice, on the other hand, uses kinetics and thermodynamics to effectively clear the surface, allowing you to restore it your way, knowing the area is not harbouring any nasties.

Dry ice cleaning can remove:

  • Smoke Damage
  • Grease
  • Black tar
  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Mould

It is also an effective way to clean electrical installations, machinery, and electromechanical equipment.

Who can use dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is a system that can be used on any number of projects, from smaller residential restorations to larger commercial spaces. While dry ice cleaning is a perfectly safe, environmentally friendly method of cleaning it is still one that requires professional precision to avoid any accidents, injuries or major mistakes. Our team are highly skilled in dry ice cleaning and have many years’ experience working with delicate, older surfaces. We therefore do not hire dry ice cleaning equipment, and instead work with you to ensure our team supplies the great service and results we are renowned for.

What are the benefits of dry ice cleaning?

Reducing downtime and costs.

Particularly when cleaning machinery, dry ice allows for the effective and safe cleaning while in operation, so there’s no need to stop, dismantle nor reassemble after. It can be done was the machine works so that you don’t fall behind on your project. This not only saves you time, but money over the course of a project.

Effective, quick cleaning solution – With a high clean speed and ability to change nozzles to reach even the trickiest of areas, dry ice cleaning is a very fast and productive way of cleaning, with the highest quality results to boot.

Little to no waste management.

Dry ice evaporates, which means you aren’t left with the mess of the very product you’re cleaning with (as so often occurs with water and other liquid cleaning products). Other than whatever debris has resulted from the clean, there is very little waste management required.

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