Choosing the right paint colours for your space

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Choosing the right paint colours for your space

One of the most common ways to spruce up a space in your home is to give it a paint makeover. It’s a relatively quick and simple process when you’re armed with the right tools and attitude. But, before taking to the walls with a brush and roller, you first need to choose the right paint colours for your space. 

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right paint colours for your space. We’ve outlined our top three considerations to help you make the right choice for your next paint makeover.

What is the space being used for?

The very first thing to consider when comes to choosing paint colours is what the room or space is going to be used for. Will it be a space for entertaining, or is it going to be a private room used only by the homeowners? 

A space that is to be used for entertaining will likely need to feel open and inviting, if it is going to host a number of people. Consider tones that will help make the space seem larger than it is. Dark, rich colours can remove that ‘welcoming’ feeling from the room, so be sure to do your research on colour palettes that are inviting and wholesome. 

When considering what the space will be used for, it is also important to factor in children and animals. Will the space encourage children to play? Is there potential for walls to be marked or scratched? Perhaps there is the need for tones that hide wall marks, or are easy to find again in case you need to make some touch ups. 

Considering all of these factors will help you to make a more informed decision on the colours you choose to use in your room. 

How do you want people to feel when they’re in the room? 

Colours evoke emotions. There have been endless studies to show that colour tones can have an effect on the way we, as humans, feel and how we interact with others. So, when choosing paint colours for your space, take some time to think about how you want the room to make people feel. 

The emotions you want to evoke in people will be largely dependent on the type of space you’re working with. For example, in a master bedroom you may want the overall feeling of the room to be relaxed, peaceful, inviting and perhaps even sensual. 

In contrast, the family games room should aim to make people feel happy, uplifted, spark conversation and connection and of course, feel FUN!

When comparing these two colour palettes, it’s easy to see that they could be vastly different from one another. 


Lastly, when determining how you’re going to bring your space to life, it is important to consider whether you’d like the room colour to be consistent with other rooms in the house. What is the overall colour scheme of the home? 

Have you chosen neutrals throughout the rest of your home? Are you prepared to make this space more of a ‘feature’, or do you think consistency is key to achieving an overall aesthetic of the home?

If you’re unsure of which direction to go, there is a solution! Achieving desired emotions while maintaining consistency can be done by opting for the same paint colours as the rest of the home, and choosing pops of colour across your decor, finishings and furniture. It really is the best of both worlds! The added bonus? When you’re ready to change up the space again, you can always swap out, or add items of decor and furniture to further complete your desired look. 

Choosing the right colours for your space can go far beyond just picking out a colour you like. From childrens’ rooms to bathrooms, entertaining areas and study nooks, taking the time to research and consider colours in depth can help you create positive, engaging environments throughout your home. 

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Topic: Choosing the right paint colours for your space
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